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Diabetes Program

Diabetes Program

​​​​Diabetes is a progressive disease and changes need to be made to care over time to keep people with diabetes as healthy as possible for as long as possible. People who are having difficulty getting their blood sugar under control can be referred to the diabetes clinic by their doctor, another health care professional or the individual themselves can call for an appointment. A multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals work together with the individual to manage:  

  • Blood Sugar

  • Cholesterol Level

  • Blood Pressure

  • Medications

  • Food Intake

  • Exercise

  • Foot Care

  • Follow-up Appointments

The initial appointment is one hour in length. Following a complete assessment, recommendations, medication changes and/or appointments with other health care professionals will be made. A member of the team will follow-up by phone as needed. Follow-up appointments will be booked as necessary.

Foot care assessments are also available to do the annual foot check. An individual's feet will be checked for nerve sensation and blood circulation.
This service will be provided by a certified LPN and will be offered one day a week at:
- Associate Medical Clinic (Whitecourt)
- Life Medical Clinic (Whitecourt)
- Edson MRPCN office
- Mayerthorpe (location to be determined). 
There is no charge to the patient for the service, but there is a one-time fee to the client of $20.00 for personal instrument packs. A doctor's referral is required.

Reminders will be sent to individuals for routine follow-ups with their family physician, eye care, and foot care as recommended by the Canadian Diabetes Guidelines for diabetes care.​