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Geriatrics Program

Geriatrics Program

​​The Geriatrician Program specializes in the health and wellness of the geriatric community in the MRPCN area.

This service helps adults 60 years and older whose health concerns are complex or require assistance.

Program referrals can be made by your doctor or another health-care professional that you see.

Program Objectives

  • Support geriatric clients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and encourage independent living for as long as possible.

  • As required, provide a Multidisciplinary Team approach that integrates with community services and problem solves complex geriatric health issues.

  • Enhance communication and coordination of geriatric care through by connecting with relevant community programs and services.

  • Improve information management

  • Continuously improve geriatric care through ongoing program evaluation.

Your team consists of

  • You (Our Client) Your Family Members and/or Friends

  • Your Family Physician

  • MRPCN Registered Nurse

  • Homecare Nurse

  • Your Pharmacist

We will also attempt to include any other health care professionals involved in your care.

Before the Consultation

Each individual should complete the following before attending the consultation:

  • Create a list of at least five (5) areas of concern to discuss that are affecting your quality of life and wellness.

  • See your family physician to inform him that you would like a consultation in this program so that he can send you for appropriate tests and bloodwork.

  • Complete any referrals made by your family doctor prior to your initial consultation with the program.

What to expect from the Consultation

The consultation with the Geriatrics team will take about an hour.

Recommendations may include:

  • Medication changes

  • Information on additional resources

  • Referrals to other health care professionals or programs, such as a Geriatrician

After the consultation, a consultation letter will be sent to your family doctor.

Geriatrician services are offered at Mayerthorpe Health Care Centre once per month. Contact your family physician, Chronic Disease Nurse or another health-care professional that you see for a referral.

For more information, please contact the McLeod River Primary Care Network: Phone. 780-779-0079