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Maternity Services Program

​​​​​​​McLeod River Primary Care Network's (MRPCN) Maternity Services, sometimes called Prenatal Care,
is currently offered at Associate Medical Clinic and Life Medical Clinic in Whitecourt, and at the Edson Medical Centre in Edson.

The goal is to provide accessible, comprehensive, flexible maternity care to expectant women.

Services Provided

Some of the services listed will vary by location.

  • ​Pre & Post Natal Care
  • Counselling & Education
  • Coordination of Specialist Care, if needed
  • Information on & Access to Community Support Groups & Programs
  • Local Delivery & In-Hospital Care
  • Epidural ​Administration at Whitecourt Health​​care Centre & Edson Medical Centre


Maternity Doctors


Dr. R. Gous ​​​​- Prenatal Care & Delivery
Dr. R. Oishi - Prenatal Care & Delivery
Dr. J.  Robinson - Prenatal Care & Delivery
Dr. E. van der Merwe - Prenatal Care & Delivery​
Dr. D. Wannenburg - Prenatal Care & Delivery​


Dr. R. Badenhorst - Prenatal Care & Delivery
Dr. R. Basson - Prenatal Care ONLY
Dr. Coenraad Beyers - Prenatal Care & Delivery
Dr. A. Halladay - Prenatal Care & Delivery​
Dr. L. Kulak - Prenatal Care & Delivery