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Pharmacist Services

​​​​McLeod River Primary Care Network's (MRPCN) Clinical Pharmacist provides a variety of services Monday through Friday at the Edson Medical Centre.

Chronic Pain Consultations

This is for individuals on opioids, have recurring headaches/migraines, and/or anyone with pain (fibromyalgia, back pain, neuropathic pain, arthritis pain, etc.). These consultations are open those who suffer from long-term and short-term pain. The clinical pharmacist will:

  • Listen to the individual’s story. Then will evaluate the effects of their pain on their function and quality of life

  • Discuss the individual’s current medications (prescription and over-the-counter), vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol intake, caffeine intake and nicotine habits

  • Complete a write up for their family doctor to review

  • Prescribe medication changes if needed and/or refer back to their family doctor to discuss the recommendations in the write up

  • Advise of both drug and non-drug treatments that can improve pain control

  • On-going follow up and treatment

Medication Reviews

The clinical pharmacist can provide medication reviews for anyone. Appointments are open to anyone on one or more medications. These reviews will:

  • Help reduce the risk of drug interactions

  • Allow changing and/or eliminating medications to help simplify regimen and increase compliance

  • To address untreated symptoms

  • Educate individuals about their medications and their health conditions