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(AHS) Screening Program

As a program of Alberta Health Services Screening Programs, Screen Test provides mammograms to approximately 15,000 Alberta women every year. Screen Test was launched in 1990 with two clinics – one in Edmonton and one in Calgary. The mobile mammography program started in 1991. Screen Test is a part of the Alberta Breast Cancer Screening Program (ABCSP).

The two Screen Test mobile digital mammography units are 53-foot trailers providing services to over 100 communities each year with one providing services for southern Alberta and one providing services for northern Alberta. These trailers are “clinics on wheels” complete with a reception room, dressing rooms and an exam room. The mobiles are equipped with state of the art digital equipment and all services are provided on board the trailers.

Eligibility Criteria:

 AgeScreen Test EligibilityScreening Guidelines*
under 40Not EligibleRegular clinical breast exam by health care provider
40-49Referral needed for first screening mammogram Annual screening; regular clinical breast exam by health care provider
50-74 Self-referralEvery 2 years or as directed by radiologist
 75+Self-referralEvery 2 years or as directed by radiologist

*Screen Test guidelines are directed by recommendations from the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons - 2013.

        By Age – The target group for screening mammography is women aged 50–74.

        Breast Cancer Symptoms – If a woman has clinical symptoms (such as a new lump or bloody nipple discharge), she is not eligible for a screening mammogram and is encouraged to see her doctor for follow-up. A clinical symptom, like a lump, is considered to be a breast abnormality and requires immediate follow-up with diagnostic tests (such as special mammographic views, ultrasound or biopsy) performed at a diagnostic center.

        Pregnancy or Breastfeeding - Client is not eligible if she is pregnant, possibly pregnant or has breastfed in the past 3 months. Please refer to physician if client has breast issues.

        Date of Last Mammogram – If a woman has had a screening mammogram within the past 12 months, she is not eligible for a screening mammogram at Screen Test. (Exceptions may be made on the mobile units).

        Personal History of Breast Cancer – If a woman had a previous breast cancer, she may be considered for a screening mammogram on the mobile if her cancer diagnosis was one or more years ago and she has had no breast problems in the interim. However, all women who have had breast cancer are better served at a diagnostic center and are strongly encouraged to continue follow-up through these centers.

        Breast Implants –Women with implants are now eligible for mammograms on the mobile units and in the Edmonton and Calgary offices, however they require 3 appointment times.


Required for women 40-49 for their baseline mammogram only. Subsequent screeners do not require a referral.
Visit for a map of the mobile sites in Alberta, the mobile clinic schedule, a virtual tour of the mobile or to view the available educational resources.