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​​​YOLO is a free six-week program designed for students aged 11-17 with or at risk of developing chronic disease due to family history, socioeconomic status and who do not participate in regular physical activity. YOLO provides an opportunity for youth to participate in education and exercise sessions to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The YOLO program is based on the Whitecourt​ Healthy Living Program with modifications for youth. YOLO Whitecourt was launched in 2013 and the program was successfully extended to Edson in October 2015 and Fox Creek in January 2017. Interest for the program continues to grow in surrounding communities. YOLO is coordinated by a partnership of physiotherapy staff, fitness coordinators, health promotion facilitators and the McLeod River Primary Care Network.

Getting Started

  • Students are referred to the program by teachers or medical professionals. 

  • Youth are assessed by a physiotherapist to ensure that the exercise program is appropriate and to obtain outcome measures for the program.

  • Youth then participate in a number of education and activity sessions as listed below:


  • Peer pressure
  • Managing stress
  • Portion sizes
  • Label reading
  • Heart health
  • Diabetes
  • Exercise principles
  • Sleep
  • Breakfast ideas


  • TRX
  • Pool
  • Dodgeball
  • Outdoor activities
  • Amazing race
  • Station exercises
  • Yoga
  • Weight machines
  • Urban Poling

Benefits of Participation

  • Improved self-esteem, self-confidence and/or body image

  • Improved medical outcomes such as reduced BMI over time, reduced blood pressure, improved exercise capacity and endurance, reduced risk of overweight/obesity complications and certain types of cancer

  • Increased probability to continue regular physical activity

  • Awareness of healthful food choices and improved oral intake

  • Improved quality of life

For more information, call 780-778-5540 ext. 241