Diabetic Foot Care

What’s Included
Diabetic patients are at high risk for complications due to the way the disease effects the circulation and the nerves to the feet.

Because of this risk, it’s important to receive care from a health professional with a knowledge base for best practice, disease process, infection control and infection prevention. Our MRPCN LPN is certified in Foot Care and maintains an active nursing license with College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta.

Appointments: What’s Included
• At least one yearly diabetic foot screening, following AHS and Obesity, Nutrition and Diabetes Clinical Pathway
• Reduction of nails, calluses or corns, intervention of problematic nails/skin
• Assessment of lower legs and feet following Diabetes Canada Guidelines
• Evaluation of footwear and orthotics
• Referrals to foot care team members including: physicians, CDM nurses, OT, PT, or Podiatrist, nurse practitioner or Westview High Risk Foot Care Team
• Preventative Education

Preventative Education:
An important part of our program is not only providing foot care treatments, but also providing education to ensure that patients are able to keep their feet healthy and free from wounds, ulcers or decreased circulation that could lead to amputation.
Should our Foot Care Nurse detect serious complications during your visit, she will takes steps to ensure you receive appropriate and immediate care.

• Foot Care is free to diabetic patients who have received a referral from an MRPCN doctor.
• Once a referral is obtained you will be able to book an appointment in Edson, Mayerthorpe or Whitecourt.
• Before treatment, patients need to pay a one-time fee of $20 for a personal instrument pack that will be sanitized & stored by our LPN at each clinic site.

• Edson MRPCN Office
• Mayerthorpe Health Care Centre
• Whitecourt MRPCN Office