North Zone Health Neighbourhoods

What are they?

Health Neighbourhoods bring together people from diverse backgrounds to improve primary health care for the people in Northern Alberta. Health Neighbourhood partners are building bridges between health and social areas to improve the primary health care experience for everyone in Northern Alberta. We take a collaborative and cross-sectorial approach to this work and strive to be inclusive and communicate in a way that all community members can access and understand. Health Neighbourhoods are regionally based, and partners live, work, and play in the regions they represent.

We model shared leadership and take ownership of our work. Our work is evolving – we want to co-create navigation supports, workshops, stories, networks, and build on communications within existing projects. We balance meeting time by getting to know each other, staying connected, and implementing the North Zone Service Plan.

The North Zone Health Neighbourhoods are grassroots in nature, and not owned by Primary Care Networks or Alberta Health Services.

There are currently 4 active Health Neighbourhoods in Northern Alberta:

  • Peace Country Health Neighbourhood
  • Wood Buffalo Health Neighbourhood
  • Tri-River Health Neighbourhood
  • Four Directions Health Neighbourhood

These groups meet monthly and sustain “Mini Working Groups” within each main group where partners can focus on specific areas related to community health and get to the action of making small, person-centred improvements. Eventually, the Health Neighbourhood model will expand to include more Health Neighbourhoods throughout the North Zone.

For more information on the North Zone Health Neighbourhoods please fill out this contact form.