Maternity Services

Program Description

The McLeod River PCN is a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals led by family physicians. The goal of our Maternity Services is to provide accessible, comprehensive, flexible maternity care to patients throughout their pregnancy.

Services Provided

Our multi-disciplinary team collaborates to provide the following services

  • Comprehensive pre and postnatal care
  • Counselling and education in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Coordination of specialist care, if required
  • Access to community programs and supports
  • Local delivery and in-hospital care
  • Epidural anaesthetic services
  • Full Caesarean section availability
Your First Prenatal Visit

Your first prenatal appointment should take place around the 10th week of your pregnancy and usually includes

  • Complete physical exam
  • Collection of patient history
  • Counselling regarding various aspects of pregnancy

Any other issues or concerns patients may have can be discussed during your first prenatal visit.

Ongoing Prenatal Visits

Following your first prenatal appointment, ongoing prenatal appointments are generally once a month until the 28th week of your pregnancy. Then every two weeks until your 36th week of pregnancy and then every week until the baby is born. Ongoing visits are usually 20 minutes, at which time you will see the MRPCN Nurse (for your weight, blood pressure and urine test) and your doctor.

Postnatal Visits

Occur at 1-2 weeks and 6-7 weeks postpartum. Mother and baby are seen at both appointments. The 6-7 week postpartum visit usually includes a pelvic examination. Both appointments are booked as longer appointments.

Hospital Care

Includes prenatal assessment, delivery, full Caesarean section availability, the option of epidural anaesthetic, infant care and obstetrical referrals as required. We will be happy to explain aspects of hospital care in greater detail during any of your appointments.

No Mayerthorpe Doctors are accepting new Obstetrical Patients.

Delivery Services are not available in Fox Creek.