Exercise Therapy

The McLeod River Primary Care Network (MRPCN) offers Exercise Therapy to all patients who have an MRPCN family physician. An Exercise Therapist is a Healthcare professional who assesses, promotes, and prescribes physical activity to prevent and manage chronic health conditions. Prior to being admitted to any exercise program, medical clearance will need to be established.

The MRPCN offers safe and evidence-based group programming for PCN patients who have a chronic condition (Just Move) are pregnant (Pregnant and Powerful) or Cancer Survivors who are on or off treatment (Surviving to Thriving). Individualized exercise prescription is also available.


guide you in how to move and modify exercises in a way that feels good for your body and empower you to make lifestyle choices that support your health.
To promote, and prescribe physical activity to prevent and manage chronic health conditions...
This group exercise program is for individuals who would like some guidance with exercise through pregnancy.
To guide and empower cancer survivors to move in ways that feel good in their own bodies and to improve some treatment side effects.