Pregnant and Powerful

Group Description

This group exercise program is for individuals who would like some guidance with exercise through pregnancy. Pregnant and Powerful includes two 30 min noon-hour exercise classes per week and a program to follow at home. The primary goals of the Pregnant and Powerful program are to guide and empower patients to move in ways that feel good in their own bodies and to mitigate some of the discomforts of pregnancy.

Classes run from 12:15-12:45 pm. Mondays are in-person (Edson), and Wednesdays are online through Zoom.

Following Delivery

Following delivery, once patients have been cleared for exercise, they are invited to return for an individualized exercise prescription.

A physician referral is required prior to participation in the Pregnant and Powerful program.

Why Participate?

Physical activity can reduce your risk or help manage many pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, and gestational hypertension and improve low back and hip pain.

To Register

Contact your family doctor for a referral or call McLeod River Primary Care Network at (780) 723-2131 (Edson) or 780-779-0079 (Whitecourt) for more information or to register for this free program.

Please note, must be a registered participant to access ZOOM classes.


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I understand that this health session will occur in a group/individual setting via zoom and that discussions may occur regarding individually identifiable health information (my health information or the health information of other participants). I agree to keep all information regarding other patients participating private and confidential.

I understand that although participants have agreed to keep information private and confidential, there remains a risk of non-compliance and that some participants may re-disclose information shared during the visit in other settings. I acknowledge awareness of this disclosure risk and I voluntarily agree to participate in the group health session.