GLA:D (NEW Program Fall 2023)

Group Description

GLA:D® is an eight-week group exercise and educational program specifically developed in Denmark to assist individuals experiencing symptoms of knee or hip osteoarthritis (OA) in improving their quality of life. GLA:D, an acronym for “Good Life with osteoArthritis: Denmark,” aims to provide targeted exercises and educational sessions in a supportive group setting.

Research conducted on the GLA:D program in Denmark has shown positive outcomes reported by participants, including reduced pain, decreased reliance on painkillers, and increased physical activity levels.

1 to 1 Appointments

1 to 1 appointments are focused on lifestyle counselling, exercise prescription, and education. Patients will be scheduled for an initial consult including a fitness assessment in order to create a tailored plan.

Medical Clearance

Prior to being admitted to any exercise program, medical clearance will need to be established. 

What is Involved?

The program includes a combination of educational sessions and supervised exercise sessions conducted over the course of eight weeks. The educational component consists of two or three 90-minute sessions where participants learn about osteoarthritis, its risk factors, and common symptoms. They also gain knowledge about available treatment options and effective self-management strategies for symptom relief. Moreover, participants are educated on the benefits of exercise in managing osteoarthritis and are provided guidance on coping with daily activities while dealing with the condition.

The exercise sessions are led by GLA: D-certified exercise therapist and take place twice a week for a duration of six weeks. These hour-long group exercise sessions focus on neuromuscular exercises that promote controlled movement, proper posture, and the development of muscular strength through functional exercises. Participants learn techniques to improve their ability to perform everyday activities with greater ease and reduced discomfort.