Just Move

Group Description

Just Move is a program designed for individuals with chronic conditions, providing a safe and evidence-based approach to learning the fundamentals of exercise and incorporating movement into their daily lives. It is specifically tailored for individuals who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition or are at risk of developing one. The program spans over eight weeks and consists of two levels.

Level One of the Just Move program includes two 45-minute exercise classes and one health education session per week. Participants engage in guided exercise sessions while also receiving valuable information and education about their specific chronic condition.

Level Two of the program involves one 45-minute exercise class per week, accompanied by an individualized exercise prescription. This level is personalized to the unique needs and abilities of each participant, providing targeted exercises that align with their specific chronic condition.

The primary objective of the Just Move program is to support and empower patients in discovering movement patterns that are beneficial and comfortable for their individual bodies. By doing so, participants are encouraged to integrate these newfound movements into their everyday activities, engage in community exercise programs, and enjoy recreational pursuits.

*Mondays are in-person at 9 am at the Edson Leisure Centre Hospitality Room, and Wednesdays are at 9 am online on Zoom.

1 to 1 Appointments

1 to 1 appointments are focused on lifestyle counselling, exercise prescription and education. Patients will be scheduled for an initial consult including a fitness assessment in order to create a tailored plan.

Medical Clearance

Prior to being admitted to any exercise program, medical clearance will need to be established. 

Why Participate?

Physical activity can reduce your risk of chronic disease, help manage an existing chronic condition, guide you in how to move and modify exercises in a way that feels good for your body and empower you to make lifestyle choices that support your health.

To Register

Contact your family doctor for a referral or call McLeod River Primary Care Network at (780) 723-2131 (Edson) or 780-779-0079 (Whitecourt) for more information or to register for this free program.


By selecting joining the zoom meeting/session confirm you agree to and accept these privacy policies and electronic communication risks.

I understand that this health session will occur in a group/individual setting via zoom and that discussions may occur regarding individually identifiable health information (my health information or the health information of other participants). I agree to keep all information regarding other patients participating private and confidential.

I understand that although participants have agreed to keep information private and confidential, there remains a risk of non-compliance and that some participants may re-disclose information shared during the visit in other settings. I acknowledge awareness of this disclosure risk and I voluntarily agree to participate in the group health session.