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Keep your Doctor in the Loop

 News Story – local MRPCN doctor, Jane Ojedokun

When you book a COVID-19 test online, make sure you click ‘YES’ to sending results to your family doctor.

In addition to being well-versed in COVID-19, your family doctor is familiar with your health and can provide medical support and follow-up after a diagnosis.

Many patients have lots of questions about this condition and it is important you are getting the most accurate information regarding your recovery.

With a knowledge of your unique health needs, you will be triaged into an appropriate level for ongoing follow up. Daily phone calls from a member of your team can help to judge the severity of your symptoms and support you through the process of recovery. Ongoing assessment of your vital signs can be done virtually by phone or video calls. Prescriptions can be filled over the phone. Also support of your emotional health can be offered virtually.

Most importantly your team can determine the appropriateness of hospital care at any stage of the illness.

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